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a short moral story (often with animal characters)

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Ethical critics think it is literature's job to teach moral lessons and, in consequence, they reductively transform every text into an apologue, a moral fable, or a Sunday School lesson.
Commenting on thematic parallels in several Albertian apologues, Rinaldi argues (less convincingly) that the lion is a figura Christi and the fox a figura diaboli.
In Alberti's Apologue 96, for example, Rinaldi finds an echo of Tertullian, De spectaculis.
That battle must be conducted in ways entirely different from the encounters invited by satires and apologues.
Even more obviously they did not work either as apologues, teachers of coherent thought, or as satires, attackers on sins or follies in the world.
13 The only work I've met that deals adequately with the unique critical challenges presented by apologues that are called novels is David Richter's brilliant Fable's End: Completeness and Closure in Rhetorical Fiction.
Moving beyond satire and apologue, we come to works that are designed to grip us as what Sacks called "actions": novels like those of Jane Austen or Cormac McCarthy or, moving down the line in quality, Agatha Christie or Louis L'Amour.
7709[ for a French version of the sixteenth century, see Trois cent soixante et six apologues d'Esope traduicts en rithme francoise par Maistre Guillaume Haudent reproduits fidelement texte et figures d l'edition de 1547 par Ch.
In a celebrated passage, Cristoforo Landino compared Leon Battista Alberti (1404-74) to a chameleon for his adaptable versatility; and Alberti himself employed animal symbolism in his Apologues and Dinner Pieces, even refashioning his identity by adding the name Leo ("lion") to his Christian name Battista.