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a short moral story (often with animal characters)

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15) This apologue, as quoted by a modern theologian, is re-quoted as a symbol of the difficult situation of contemporary theologians in an authoritative general panorama by Ratzinger 31-33.
Another aspect of the setting of the apologue deserves mention.
Actually, the biblical passage half-remembered in this passage in Maritain's prose is considerably more potent than either the scholastic apologue or popular song allows.
Generalizing his apologue, we can add that even in the literary realm, processes converge which, by tradition, were considered particular to science.
In Alberti's Apologue 96, for example, Rinaldi finds an echo of Tertullian, De spectaculis.
I have more than once heard Christina say," this brother reported, "that she did not mean anything profound by this fairy tale--it was not a moral apologue consistently carried out in detail.
C'est un apologue infatigable du kalam mawzun mugaffa dans de multiples articles de presse, et plus encore dans sa poesie elle-meme: marginalisee par le champ legitime, la poesie de forme classique ne va plus de soi, elle doit se justifier, militer pour elle-meme.
While the poet leaves open and diffused the symbolic meaning of the lizard, not sure himself whether to make it stand as the live emblem of the family or of summer in general, one thing is clear: he prefers to create this apologue in miniature by precisely patterning its setting and action within the dimension of everyday life, a dimension that has always suited the weak ontological position of his delicate, wounded sensibility.
a piece of Rhetorick is a sufficient argument of Logick; an Apologue of Esop beyond a syllogysme in Barbara; parables than propositions, and proverbs more powerful than demonstrations.
James Justus has explained the hook's spareness by saying that "Warren's larger purpose [was] to write a narrative informed by the characteristics of the sketch, the parable, the apologue, the procession, the exemplum.
Featuring the same subtle sonic quality found in its predecessor -- the Apologue, while also reproducing realistic theater levels, the Goldmund Epilogue has become an elite speaker system in the audiophile marketplace.
Absorbed into this world, Rasselas experiences more happiness than he does at any other time in the apologue.
He also wrote a Latin apologue (now lost) called "The Elephant," as we learn from a letter of Francesco Cattani da Diacceto, which was brought to light by Francesco Furlan and Sylvain Matton in the 1993 issue of Bibliotheque d'Humanisme et Renaissance.
Ethical critics think it is literature's job to teach moral lessons and, in consequence, they reductively transform every text into an apologue, a moral fable, or a Sunday School lesson.
Moving beyond satire and apologue, we come to works that are designed to grip us as what Sacks called "actions": novels like those of Jane Austen or Cormac McCarthy or, moving down the line in quality, Agatha Christie or Louis L'Amour.