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Synonyms for apologetic

Synonyms for apologetic

expressing or inclined to express an apology

a statement that justifies or defends something, such as a past action or policy

Synonyms for apologetic

offering or expressing apology



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In the above manifold ways, Jesuits of the early eighteenth century had managed to create an extremely influential apologetical tool--a discourse of theological Enlightenment that I have elsewhere described as the "Jesuit Synthesis.
Sullivan points out therein, the apologetical approach of the Counter-Reformation period was severely marred by the theological presuppositions that were prevalent at the time.
Hugh Ross, president of Reasons to Believe, has used his professional knowledge of astronomy to produce some valuable apologetical books supporting biblical Christianity, particularly regarding the Big Bang and the anthropic principle.
In the 1616 Folio, Jonson prints an apologetical dialogue he asserts was suppressed "by authority" when the play was first performed.
Rather than analyzing each of Saint Thomas' nine apologetical works, Monti synthesizes More's thoughts on various issues.
53 of Apologetical Works), Tertullian attempts to demonstrate the immortality and purity of the soul by attributing all sinful drives to the body: "It is a fact that the body by enclosing the soul obstructs, obscures, and sullies it by the union with the flesh, and its vision is obscured as if it were looking through the window of horn.
to facilitate the overcoming of the apologetical phase of its
Indeed, one could have discussed the impressive series of quasipopular historical, theological, and apologetical articles that featured prominently in The Month, the literary magazine of the Jesuit province, or the history inherent in the establishment of the cause for the canonization of the English martyrs.
Isser promotes his interpretation against the analyses of previous interpreters, especially those viewing the Davidic material as apologetical, that is, as royal propaganda dating to and defending policies during either David's reign or the reign of his son Solomon.
The pope's emphasis on the holiness of the church, in keeping with chapter 5 of the council's Dogmatic Constitution on the Church and the principle of sacramentality contained in the constitution's first paragraph, represents a shift away from an older apologetical approach that relied upon biblical proof-texts and theological syllogisms.
As such it is but one example of the recent explosion in catechetical and apologetical periodicals and books published by entrepreneurial, knowledgeable and faithful lay people.
From the long apologetical MS written and revised from 1897 to 1899, published integrally for the first time by Laplanche, Loisy quarried the articles published under the pseudonym A.
Griffith argues that Christian theologians of the time were already making use of Aristotelian logic as an "auxiliary discipline," and that Ibn 'Adi "would have found the categories of the philosophers far more congenial for his religious, apologetical purposes in Arabic than the methods of the Islamic mutakallimun" (p.