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Synonyms for apologetic

Synonyms for apologetic

expressing or inclined to express an apology

a statement that justifies or defends something, such as a past action or policy

Synonyms for apologetic

offering or expressing apology



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Thus Frank Sheed is therefore a significant figure from at least three angles, the apologetical, the literary, and the historical.
he] found it necessary to preface it with 'An Apologetical Discourse' against those who opposed the celebration of 17 November [Elizabeth's accession day] as a Holy Day.
Second, he believes that Evangelicals often fail to realize the promise of their own tradition, seen in its characteristic goals of apologetical defense of orthodoxy, renewal of the church, and participation in God's mission (10-27).
Even though the effect is mentioned in the contemporary literature, and can be detected in some of the apologetical writings of the period, the subject appears to have been relatively neglected by modern scholarship.
In "The Identity of the Qur'an's Ahl al-Dhikr," Khaleel Mohammed argues against the apologetical notion that ahl al-dhikr refers to Muslims, proposing that it refers instead to the Jews.
In the above manifold ways, Jesuits of the early eighteenth century had managed to create an extremely influential apologetical tool--a discourse of theological Enlightenment that I have elsewhere described as the "Jesuit Synthesis.
Sullivan points out therein, the apologetical approach of the Counter-Reformation period was severely marred by the theological presuppositions that were prevalent at the time.
Telling others to accept observational data, while not doing so oneself, creates problems when writing apologetical books.
In the 1616 Folio, Jonson prints an apologetical dialogue he asserts was suppressed "by authority" when the play was first performed.
The renewed presence of anti-Spanish sentiments in Enlightenment Europe triggered a fresh impetus of Spanish apologetical and defensive literature, aimed at highlighting either the scientific and spiritual contributions of Spain or her heroic deeds.
Rather than analyzing each of Saint Thomas' nine apologetical works, Monti synthesizes More's thoughts on various issues.
This review represents an attempt to examine the philosophy of religion during the Enlightenment in order to do justice to the apologetical nature of Herder's exegesis for which his debate with Hume is decisive.
In retrospect, one may observe that a theologian such as Yanah ibn Mansur ibn Sarjun, better known as John Damascene (675-750) or his follower Theodore Abu Qurrah (755-830) knew quite well what they were talking about in their descriptions of Islam, because their apologetical treatises, unfriendly as they may be, are based on real interreligious communication with real Muslims.
53 of Apologetical Works), Tertullian attempts to demonstrate the immortality and purity of the soul by attributing all sinful drives to the body: "It is a fact that the body by enclosing the soul obstructs, obscures, and sullies it by the union with the flesh, and its vision is obscured as if it were looking through the window of horn.