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being of questionable authenticity

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In the same way that the offspring of gamblers apocryphally counted to their teachers: "seven, eight, nine, ten, jack.
Turkey excels at hospitality and friendliness to strangers (although to be honest I see plenty of Londoners helping out with street directions and I've yet to spot the apocryphally heartless local stepping over a body on the pavement), Britain at protecting its historic and natural treasures.
Rose, perhaps apocryphally, has said to have proclaimed his reasoning was because: "this flag dips to no earthly King.
Such refusal to interpret is thoroughly unsatisfying, not to mention reductive and reactionary: trying to distance oneself from Da Vinci Code types is one thing--as Freud apocryphally said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar--but in this case it seems absurd to forego deeper analysis.
Past eruptions have seen roads and bridges swept away in minutes, and volumes of water comparable to the River Thames are talked about apocryphally.
Rick Perry, at his 2011 inaugural address, praised Texans for "pioneering space," he recalled, apocryphally, that the first word spoken on the moon was "Houston.
But why should this vast country, where, apocryphally, less than a third of its population hold passports, be interested in us?
Infamously (or perhaps apocryphally, since I'm certainly not going to bother counting), the statute contains more than a thousand commands to the effect of, "the Secretary shall decide.
13) This and similar medieval dicta are the source, I submit, of the well-known spiritual aphorism apocryphally attributed in the Renaissance to Saint Ignatius of Loyola: "Non coerceri a maximo sed contineri a minimo divinum est.
THIS TITLE ECHOES MARK TWAIN WHO is apocryphally reported to have said that "the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" after his obituary was published in the New York Journal in 1897 while he was still very much alive.
The dead surrealists grumble apocryphally in the matrix of woods chewing