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being of questionable authenticity

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But why should this vast country, where, apocryphally, less than a third of its population hold passports, be interested in us?
13) This and similar medieval dicta are the source, I submit, of the well-known spiritual aphorism apocryphally attributed in the Renaissance to Saint Ignatius of Loyola: "Non coerceri a maximo sed contineri a minimo divinum est.
Infamously (or perhaps apocryphally, since I'm certainly not going to bother counting), the statute contains more than a thousand commands to the effect of, "the Secretary shall decide.
apocryphally double-doored, is also a site of penetrability--of the
THIS TITLE ECHOES MARK TWAIN WHO is apocryphally reported to have said that "the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" after his obituary was published in the New York Journal in 1897 while he was still very much alive.
The dead surrealists grumble apocryphally in the matrix of woods chewing
The notion of "This living hand" as Keats's "final poem," like "Bright Star" similarly dated apocryphally, speaks less to its date of composition than to its theme.
It is said, probably apocryphally, that she was weary of adorers of the poet seeking admission to his shrine.
The minutiae in these chapters are staggering, as if the proverbial statement about God and details (attributed, maybe apocryphally, to Goethe) was one of Nikol'skii's chief mottos.
They listened to the faceless March of Time Orchestra and Chorus accompany the apocryphally named vocalist Jack Smith.
A brilliant pianist and mathematician, he is also, almost apocryphally, Israel's "most decorated soldier".
On his entry to the United States, Oscar Wilde was asked the customary question: He apocryphally replied "I have nothing to declare except my genius
I am regularly embarrassed when others cite words of his that I have never previously encountered though, considering the size of his oeuvre, his lifetime of speeches and a stock of genuine bons mots matched only by those attributed to him apocryphally, I should perhaps feel no shame.
The models have been endorsed autobiographically, for example, by Crick and Watson's claim that sliding down a spiral staircase provided insight into DNA, Fleming's observation that household bacteria triggered the discovery of penicillin, and (perhaps apocryphally but intriguingly after research into floating and sinking) Archimedes' supposed inferences from his bath water.