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of or relating to apnea


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Since the infant's respiratory muscles are not well-equipped to sustain high workloads, respiratory muscle fatigue is a problem for premature infants, and apneic episodes requiring intervention occur in at least 50 percent of surviving infants weighing less than 1,500 grams.
The Wyss' apnea prevention technology incorporates three unique components: software that continuously acquires vital signals such as breathing activity from affected preemies, an algorithm that analyzes the stream of signals to accurately predict apneic episodes before they happen, and a therapeutic mattress that is set off to vibrate and restore normal breathing as soon as an apneic episode is predicted.
Their daughter had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and had several apneic episodes (the temporary cessation of breathing) while in the NICU, and therefore, would be going home on an apnea monitor.
The hypoxia, hypercapnia, and pressor surges accompanying obstructive apneic events may serve as potent stimuli for the release of vasoactive substances and for the impairment of endothelial function.
These are symptoms of transient hypoxemia, which occurs during the apneic periods.
Hopefully, no clinician would withhold naloxone from an apneic patient because toxic screen results have not returned.
In this investigation, pharyngeal tissue was obtained from three apneic patients in an attempt to detect a trend between muscle fiber distribution and the severity of OSAS.
In a later report, this same group reported a significant correlation between the time spent apneic and the time spent in reflux in the same population of infants (Wenzl and others 2001).
Discover how transformative medical advances help minimize sleep apneic risks during Frost & Sullivan's latest complimentary webinar
Although the reduction in overall apneic episodes is less with MAD than with CPAP devices, the adherence to the MAD may be higher.
Thirty-nine percent had [greater than or equal to] 1 specified complication: 31% apneic attack, 8% pneumonia, 1% convulsions, and 1% conjunctival hemorrhage.
It may be that increased hemodynamic pressures that occur as a person struggles to breathe during an apneic episode may worsen the hemorrhaging that occurs in diabetic retinopathy.
You should avoid using alcohol, tobacco and sleeping pills, which make the airway more likely to collapse during sleep and prolong the apneic periods.