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Among others, Craig Boddington is a prime example of straightforward writing among today's gun writers, one reason he'll be remembered longer than those who write with perhaps a little too much aplomb.
That she is managing to do so with such dignity and aplomb is a credit to her and owes nothing to the pond-life the girl seems to attract.
The awards list continued on to include: Rick Mercer for the Sir Peter Ustinov Comedy Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Sir David Attenborongh, the Outstanding Achievement Award/CFT Fellowship Prize went to writer Karen Walton, and accepting the Award for ACTRA having existed for 60 years was Don McKellar who said, with his trademark aplomb, "I'd like to thank the Banff Television Foundation for giving a Canadian actor a small part to play in a festival celebrating American television.
The claims for inclusive membership in the nation did nor, however, depose a continuing concern to maintain hierarchy and social place, and Heathorn shows just how the new discourse negotiated this and other contradictions in its message with remarkable aplomb.
Despite suffering from multiple sclerosis, Dippel has handled both roles with aplomb while touching the lives of thousands of young men and women.
A steel-hearted thief with the figure and conscience of a mannequin, she empties and abandons her employers' hearts and safes with equal aplomb.
Previously a bit wishy-washy, the band are now an intense and vibrant prospect, with a great ear for left-field guitar rock and a frontman who plays the cocky rock star role with aplomb.
He filled this role with characteristic aplomb and good humor for more than a year.
With the fortunes of his country(not to mention the fortunes bet on Spain) in the balance, Alfonso took his chance with aplomb.
OTC-Bulletin Board: CMMI), a healthcare services and management company, announced it has rescinded the previously announced acquisition of Aplomb, Inc.
The director and staff at Camp Walden addressed the issues of World War II with aplomb and with a camp philosophy that continues to have significance for today.
Men are scum" is the least controversial thing one can utter in this carefully monitored era of thought control, and columnists writing "Stupid Man Tricks" ridicule the brutish gender with aplomb.
Wu handles the shift from sentimentality to annoyance to lust and back to annoyance with enviable aplomb and not a small amount of humor.
Both unlikely heroines face dragons, heavily guarded treasures, mortal peril and more with aplomb, in this lighthearted and highly enjoyable collection for readers of all ages.
said a grinning lead singer Belinda Carlisle, who can still belt out the band's big hits with aplomb.