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2), aplitic dikes (mainly towards the contact) and and esite-dacite dikes intruding the stock and the EtpanaMetamorphic Suite.
The sulphide is contained in irregular bodies of skarn, developed in marble and calcareous sediments near their contact with a porphyritic, aplitic intrusive.
Gold Jackpot area has aplitic pre-mineral dikes, and Long Canyon has lamprophyric dikes.
Numerous aplitic leucogranite dykes ranging from 40 cm to 5 m in width, occur on the property, mostly within the schist.
Molybdenum mineralization at the Luxor property occurs within, or is associated with, pegmatitic and aplitic veinlets and dykelets and as medium-grained flakes and rosettes hosted by a high level granitic phase of the Cretaceous Baldy batholith.