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Therewere goals aplenty as Progress Athletic and Progress Juniors met, with the points shared after an entertaining 2-2 draw.
HOW happy we are knowing summer is nigh Very soon to see a hint of blue sky No more icy cold fingers, or freezing cold snow Out and about, way down by the coast Flowers aplenty back to see us again Breathing in the fresh air, as if under a spell Sailing along without a care Without a shiver or twinge of despair Long summer days and nights to enjoy Back into the garden knee deep in soil Summer is nigh.
South of the border, and as far down as Kent, there have been reports of fish aplenty, but the Scottish boats are still scratching around for a few here and there.
THEIR name is taken from a speakeasy on top of New York's iconic Chrysler building during Prohibition - and there's illicit pleasure aplenty in The Cloud Room's debut album.
Dresden'' boasts potential aplenty, but it hasn't found its footing yet: Tonight's episode includes flashbacks to Harry's childhood that ground the proceedings to a halt; both episodes made available for preview don't adhere to any internal logic, which means resolutions just sort of, well, happen.
There are electro-disco confections aplenty, including "I Don't Feel Like Dancin"--the best floor-filler ever about playing the wallflower, complete with Elton John on piano--but the standout track comes toward the end, with all histrionics set aside for the captivating mid-tempo love song "Might Tell You Tonight.
John provided thrills aplenty all year and is the only top jockey to show a profit to the backer of all his mounts.
There are car chases aplenty, but the comedy and charisma of the early '80s TV series is sadly lacking.
Although there are combat thrills aplenty in this title, the author's primary interest is the human side of the conflict, the heroics and horrors faced by brave men in a muddled war.
Gladiator (DreamWorks, 2000) There's swordplay aplenty in Ridley Scott's swashbuckler about murder, intrigue, and vengeance in the Roman Empire.
It has been a peculiar war, a war with mistakes aplenty.
Stage acrobatics aplenty and the pogoing audience love it.
Heavy heavy riffage aplenty, check out Shadows on the Sun on Sub Pop.
Batkhurel Bold, a classical virtuoso who danced the pas de deux in Paquita the same night with precise technique and flash aplenty, was equally gripping as a man able to communicate only violently.
There will be visual noise aplenty at the Serpentine Gallery when Yayoi Kusama gets her first UK retrospective (Jan.