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failure of some tissue or organ to develop

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Nail dysplasia and patellar aplasia or hypoplasia are cardinal features in the diagnosis of NPS (4).
The present results provided evidence for the potential use of DBT on immune-mediated aplasia anemia mice (Yetgin and Elmas, 2010; Heckl et al.
Combined aplasia of sphenoid, frontal, and maxillary sinuses accompanied by ethmoid sinus hypoplasia.
He said medically the absence of a cochlear and cochlear nerve is referred to as cochlear aplasia.
Petri discouraged using MMF because of warnings associated with its use (infection, lymphoma and malignancies, pregnancy loss and congenital malformations, neutropenia and red cell aplasia, and interference with oral contraceptives).
With an incidence of 60-100%, infections and fevers are the most prominent side-effects in high dose chemotherapy (HDC) patients during aplasia (Kuderer et al.
Erythropoiesis is ineffective and may be compounded by autoimmune haemolysis or pure red cell aplasia.
Pure red-cell aplasia (PRCA) has also been noted in association with Sjogren's syndrome.
Mullerian duct anomalies in women include lack of development (hypoplasia, aplasia, or unicornuate uterus), lack of midline fusion (didelphys or bicornuate uterus), and incomplete resorption of midline tissue during fusion (septate and arcuate uteri).
Ahmed M and Strauss M et al (2) also reported bilateral submandibular gland aplasia with associated prolapsing sublingual salivary tissue through mylohyoid muscle.
Developmental conditions of the prepuce namely small preputial orifice and aplasia or hypoplasia of the prepuce can also cause penile protrusion.
There are two different pathophysiological mechanisms of drug- induced aplastic anemia: a doserelated reversible marrow aplasia and dose-independent idiosyncratic aplasia with a high mortality.
In a 17-year-old Caucasian girl with congenital aplasia of 4 second premolars, both wisdom teeth were auto-transplanted to selected premolar sites in the mandible after orthodontic consultation.