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Synonyms for apish

copying another in an inferior or obsequious way

Synonyms for apish

being or given to servile imitation


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In apes-both modern apes and, presumably, the ancient ancestors of Ardipithecus-males find mates the good old-fashioned apish way: by fighting with other males for access to fertile females.
The symbol-forming human mind, however, never stays satisfied with raw apish feeling in any emotional realm.
The thing she held upon her milk white breast was Black--Black with hideous, misshapen head receding to a point; with staring, rolling eyes of white set in its inky skin; and features of an apish cast, increased the horror of the thing.
13) In the appendix to his cosmetic ethnography Anthropometamorphosis (1653), John Bulwer introduces into his text the myth of excessive black virility and bestiality, comparing the English fashion for large and unwieldy codpieces to the genital organs of dark-skinned races: "Those filthy and Apish Breeches, that so openly shew'd our secret parts, with the vaine and unprofitable modell of a member, which we may not so much as name with modesty .
That is, we, like all other mammals including our apish brothers detect odors, distinguish tastes, hear bird song and drumbeats and we too feel the vibrations of the drums.
He bounds about with an amusingly apish athleticism, and comes complete with scary furry boots and pointy ears.
In all these dialogues, the ridiculously mechanical and slavish imitation of the Petrarchists was characterized as apish, crippling, and downright superstitious, all of which were charges levied against the Ciceronians in identical terms.
What these brains allowed them to do was understand the world around them better than any of their apish ancestors.
Let us recall that Lewis's strictures against mixing life and art, his insistence on relating to art and to the past as separate/dead, derived from his desire to purge art of social imitation and to distinguish genuine artistic making from apish fakery.
If Boule's depiction of the apish Neanderthal would still be tenable today, hardly any mention would be made of his theoretical biases or institutional concerns.
In Jeffries, London finds the ideal combination of the p rimitive and the civilized--a "disciplined" brute who will inevitably defeat the apish Johnson's "cleverness.
The real hero of this movie is Cirque du Soleil veteran Terry Notary, who trained the actors in apish expressiveness.
An example of this manipulation of the party as a victim occurs in the customary characterisation of the capitalist in Cartoon #8 "Giving Them Their Orders" (26 April 1930), enhanced by mimetic portraits of the police caricatured with apish facial features and mechanized body movements.
During the elections of 1887, 1888, and 1889, Hastings blanketed the city with caricatures of apish Irish Catholic politicians and besotted priests, plotting takeovers of the public schools.
In the top strip, marked "Scientific Evolution," a series of figures is depicted in the classic evolutionary style: first an apish hominid clasping a club, then a caveman with a spear, then a knight with a sword, a soldier with a gun, and, finally, a scientist clutching a representation of an atom, set against the backdrop of a ghostly mushroom cloud.