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situated at an apex

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5, 7, 75 R(2, 3, 4) Fischer [von Waldeheim] Ozotocerus 5 R(3) bezoarticus Linnaeus Pecari tajacu 5, 7, 57, R(1, 2, 4) Linnaeus 64, 65, 75 RODENTIA Bowdich Akodon cursor (Winge) 17, 49, 53 VS Calassomys apicalis 5 R(10) Pardinas, Lessa, Teta, Salazar-Bravo and Camara Calomys mattevii 37, 44 VS (Lund) C.
However, among the megachilid bees, Osmia lignaria was a notably early-season species, Anthidium maculosum was most abundant in the mid-season, and Megachile apicalis was a distinctly late-season species (Fig.
Argia apicalis is an ecologically vagile species inhabiting both pond and stream environments.
apicalis also has a rounded apical wing spot); pale 'iridescent' subapical band between apical wing spot and central infuscation; central infuscation vague, but rather large with some slightly darker sections around crossvein R-M and around anterior half of crossvein M-Cu; glabrous basal sections of wing include basal third and posterior edge of cell c, basal section of cell [r.
Todos estos hechos son amenazas para la conservacion y seguridad de los bosques pre-montanos y yungas de la cuenca media del rio Tambopata, los cuales albergan especies importantes para la conservacion como el oso de anteojos Tremarctos ornatus; y roedores raros como Oxymycterus juliacae y Lenoxus apicalis.
flavida Mammals Skin Snow & Picard, 1954 Culex apicalis Frogs, Turtles, Skin Brown & Snakes Pearson, 1938 C.
En esta categoria ecologica destacamos la presencia de Myiarchus apicalis, Euphonia concinna y Ortalis columbiana, especies endemicas de Colombia con una FO del 43.
potatorum differt inflorescentia racemosa congesta, umbellis subsessilibus inter se proximissimis, paucifloris, floribus 1/3 ad 1/6 partis apicalis occupantibus; bracteis quam ramis longioribus; rosulis apertis laxis, foliis minus numerosis; margine mamillis magnis instructo, dentibus in mamillarum apicibus decurrentibus, floribus brevitubulatis, longitudine tubi quoad rationes longitudinis tepalorum 1:1.
Sexual selection and nuptial feeding behaviour in Bitttacus apicalis (Insecta: Mecoptera).
In addition, a few exotic species have become naturalized in urban areas of California: honey bees (Apis mellifera), alfalfa leafcutting bees (Megachile ro-tundata), Megachile apicalis and Hylaeus punctatus.
Data from 2006 included the first report of WNV infection in Culex apicalis, which was collected in Arizona.
Argia apicalis, Calopteryx maculata, Enallagma aspersum, E.
Ross was tested as OMF164 in replicated yield trials at Corvallis, OR, from 2000 to 2003, where single prophylatic sprays of the insecticide Capture (bifenthrin) were applied in January or February of each year to control meadowfoam fly (Scaptomyza apicalis Hardy) (Fisher et al.