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The 3D map shows higher rates of AA content on the apical third in the eastern region of the tree (morning sunshine), whereas lower rates occurred in the western region (afternoon sunshine).
However, no system motion has shown better results with respect to smear layer or debris removal, and previous studies have demonstrated that the apical third cannot be completely cleaned with any instrumentation or irrigation protocol (9-12).
Antennae dark brown; legs red testaceous; all coxae black; hind leg with upper trochanter, femora at extreme apices, apical third of tibia, and tarsi fuscous; basal ventrites of metasoma yellowish-red.
Figure 3: Split specimen from the DT removal group demonstrating presence of post remnants in cervical, middle and apical thirds.
Fore femur with spine-like setae distinctly stronger and longer than those on mid and hind femora; with two and three spine-like setae on antero- and posteroventral surfaces, respectively, on apical third.
25% NaOCl, the canals were rendered virtually free of debris and smear layer, with the most pronounced benefit realized in the apical third of the root canal, as confirmed by the present study.
Hemelytron: Dark brown, with apex of clavus, base of cuneus, and area along base of costa becoming somewhat paler yellowish brown; clavus, base of cuneus, and basal two thirds of corium densely punctate, apical third of corium nearly impunctate.
This genus is characterized dorsally by head and thorax glabrous or with few scattered hairs; genal cones not clavate in dorsal view, broadest at base; forewing without colour patteren, costal margin convex in apical third (Hodkinson and White, 1979).
There is no study investigating the apical microleakage of MTA filling including the apical third of a root canal.
20) distinctly club-shaped, basally constricted, apically smoothly rounded, on apical third a few sparse small setulae, apically some more setulae, on inner side on apical third a dense brush of short setulae, no microtrichia except for small patch near base; surstyli interconnected via slender processus longi; cerci simple, somewhat rectangular, tapering basally, rather broad, proportion length/width 2.
REDESCRIPTION: DORSAL COLORATION: Ground color, including antennal segments I to III, brown to dark brownish orange; antennal segment IV dark reddish brown with apical third paler; head lateral to tylus, lateral margin of scutellar disk, and apical margin of hemelytra dark reddish brown.
14-17) On these grounds, the reason why the apical third is not affected may be inferred: because the instruments are not usually in contact with the apical zone, different from the cervical and middle canal thirds, which in most cases coincide with the beginning or body of the curvature.