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a disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth

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The volume is composed of twenty essays from leading professionals and covers topics such as the formation and repair of dentin in adult patients, stem cells and the regeneration of the pulpodentin complex, pain pathways and mechanisms in the pulpodentin complex, pulpal infections, interrelationships between pulp and apical periodontitis, effects of thermal and mechanical challenges, and the interrelationship between pulp and systemic disease.
Even before Kakehashi et al proved in their landmark 1965 germ-free rat study that bacterial contamination of the root canal system is the cause of apical periodontitis, (1) endodontists have sought the most effective means to seal the root canal space.
Essential endodontology; prevention and treatment of apical periodontitis, 2d ed.
This second edition of a reference on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and etiology of apical periodontitis is updated with new research findings.