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exciting sexual desire

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Precisely in this context we are confronted with a literary phenomenon at least intriguing if not completely illogic: Laura Esquivel published a novel that almost mystically combines love stories, historical facts with recipes, gastronomical secrets that can give an aphrodisiacal spiritual power to the food and to the one preparing it.
Kathmandu, Sha'ban 07, 1435, June 05, 2014, SPA -- Five people foraging for the caterpillar fungus - also known as Himalayan viagra, prized for its aphrodisiacal properties - died on Thursday due to altitude sickness, dpa quoted police as saying.
The discovery of these cookery books--which also included Venus in the Kitchen, (36) a collection of extraordinary aphrodisiacal recipes--gives a great insight into the world of Francis Bacon, whose hypertension and severe asthma attacks did not stop him from enjoying an extravagant lifestyle and taking risks not only in art but also in life.
Fulgentius adds that Venus' love for Adonis symbolizes, in fact, the aphrodisiacal power deriving from the sweetness of the myrrh.
A luxurious and aphrodisiacal menu has been created exclusively by the hotel's talented resident pastry chef Joanne Todd.
It was cultivated in Greece for its medicinal qualities and by the Romans for its supposedly aphrodisiacal qualities.
Strangely, these aphrodisiacal odors are given off not by female flies, but by the fruit and plant tissues the flies eat and use for laying eggs.
The Aztecs roasted and ground the beans to make "xocoatl," a spicy energizing drink that purportedly had aphrodisiacal properties.
The desire to increase their sexual appeal and attractiveness to their partner(s) was a dominant motive for making these incisions and closely tied to aphrodisiacal effects.
Based in Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, and San Francisco, the plot is centered around the aphrodisiacal recipes the main character prepares for several female guests, even as he talks about his experiences as a radical.
Moreover, the two East European beauties (Barbara Nedeljakova and jana Kadereabkova) who treat Paxton and Josh to a night of concupiscent fun are aphrodisiacal actors on the hostel's payroll, luring unsuspecting backpackers with the prospect of sex.
With a target market of males 12 to 34 years old, Old Spice has--like the competing deodorant and body spray brand Axe--relied heavily on over-the-top humor and promises of having an aphrodisiacal effect on women.
Ten lucky couples can expect a sumptuous three-course meal with a bottle of our finest Cara Viva wine - don't forget the restaurant's famous PERi-PERi sauce has powerful aphrodisiacal qualities so Nando's is the perfect place to heat things up between you and your partner
Ambien is actually used to induce sleep, but now it is being consumed to improve sex life, as it apparently has hidden aphrodisiacal powers.