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lacking light

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The 36 % reduction in P agardhii biomass in the aphotic zone at PC (October 2007) favored increases in coccoid cyanobacteria biomass in the functional groups M and K.
1994): Low sedimentation rate aphotic shelves with Dendrophyllia and sponges--Bartonian of the easternmost sector of the Ebro Basin.
Moderately exposed hard bottoms in aphotic zone with no particular species dominance
Different forms of nitrogen and phosphorus were determined in whole samples collected from both the photic and aphotic zones following methods described by APHA (1992) for nitrate, Strickland and Parsons (1960) for nitrite, Solorzano (1969) for ammonia nitrogen, Valderrama (1981) for total nitrogen, and Adams (1990) and Boyd and Tucker (1992) for total phosphorus and soluble phosphate.
By spanning this range of tectonic settings, the observatory network also spans major zones of the ocean, including a range of photic to aphotic environments, and photosynthetic- to chemosynthetic-energy-based ecosystems (Barnes et al.
twilight, down to about 1000 meters; the aphotic zone, perpetual
This aphotic and apocalyptic thriller is also Guy Ritchie's first attempt at reaching a larger American audience.
Bacterial diversity and ecosystem function of filamentous microbial mats from aphotic (cave) sulfidic springs dominated by chemolithoautotrophic "Epsilonprotcobacteria.
lucifuga (SVL = 62 mm) was collected by hand from the aphotic zone of Flat Rock Cave (Tennessee Cave Survey Number SM66) in Smith County, Tennessee (36[degrees] 14.
Their label Secretly Canadian describe it as a "hypnotic voyage through a largely aphotic locale with unpredictable bursts of light and sound".
The region below this is known as the aphotic (no-light) zone, but this is only true for sunlight, as bioluminescence is common.