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Synonyms for aphoristic

precisely meaningful and tersely cogent

Synonyms for aphoristic

containing aphorisms or maxims


terse and witty and like a maxim

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Rohr's best observations are always aphoristic and incisive, reflecting not mere intellectual cleverness, but profound contemplative experience.
Now starts the harder part," ran an aphoristic turn in his speech.
WE can normally rely on Dr Johnson to hit the aphoristic nail on the head, but I feel increasingly unsure about his assertion that a man who is tired of London is tired of life.
In an aphoristic style, Tamen weaves some problems about art into the context of Lewis Carroll's Alice books, using only the language and concepts supplied by Alice and her cohorts.
There is nothing new here, either in its affirmations or its critiques, but the author has a wry way of expressing what are largely aphoristic observations, with a cute turn of phrase.
Rakoff's writing was aphoristic, and Vidal loved a clever turn of phrase: When a critic called Vidal's work "meretricious," Vidal replied, "Meretricious to you, and a happy new year.
a) The gnomic or aphoristic appears in isolated maxims.
Weil had a gift for expressing universal truths in an aphoristic form that invites continued meditation.
Kaes's method is highly associative, as indicated by the clusters of aphoristic quotes that start off each chapter (and most of its subsections): running the gamut from Osbert Sitwell to Thomas Pynchon, the quotes send the reader's mind oft in multiple directions.
Take any of the aphoristic outbursts that have scandalized her critics--"Anorexics never have boyfriends.
Anecdotal, aphoristic and oozing with self-confidence, the pages of Confessions are packed with Ogilvy "commandments" as he offers advice to everyone in advertising from the mailroom, to the clients.
Heller translates that power into aphoristic poems:
If Frye considers literature a rhetorical analogue of sacred truth, or a "secular scripture," Shaw establishes kerygma as a parameter of various conjunctions and transmissions of oracular and aphoristic texts in Western and Eastern religious, philosophical, and literary traditions.
Nearly thin enough to put a thumbtack through, First We Read seems to align itself with the aphoristic nature of Emerson's writings.
After 1945 Saba's poetic production increasingly alternates with memoirs, aphoristic writings, and moral tales in which individual history is painted against the backdrop of collective memory.