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a disorder of the vocal organs that results in the loss of voice

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YYQH capsules are a plant-based over the counter medicine used to alleviate pain and inflammation related to laryngitis, acute pharyngitis and acute aphonia.
Furst provides a very interesting introduction to the pre-Freudian world, complete with demons and so-called physical manifestations of mental illness, then offers the original reports on nervous exhaustion, sexual psychopathy, aphonia and its treatment by hypnosis, traumatic paralysis, male hysteria, amnesia, and the fixed idea.
Although she had suffered from physical symptoms such as coughing fits, aphonia and a strange limp for many years, her depression and anxiety that culminated in a suicide threat was a recent development.
In cases of aphonia, deafness, blindness, rheumatism, paralysis, or epilepsy the group recommended anaesthetizing patients and keeping an eye on their involuntary movements, while those who were supposedly suffering from diarrhoea or dysentery might be kept under guard until the surgeon could examine their evacuations.
A populace afflicted with aphonia, rendered pliant and mute, is one which a single speaking subject can dominate with his voice.
1,2,6) Symptoms of aphonia and blindness are associated with a good prognosis.
Fevvers completely rejects the hysterical symptoms of aphonia, aphasia and amnesia, it is the "note of rising hysteria in [her] voice" (281), the vibration of her utterances, the movement of her rhythmic, antagonistic (highbrow and Cockney, sublime and grotesque, kitsch and hysteric, corporeal and aerial), excessive, passionate, periodic overflowing sentences, "infecting" the Carterian text, that mimes hysteric convulsions and performs a pantomime creating a histrionic hysteric style--a corporeally convulsive yet highly verbal, even "oververbalized," ironic text of the "wondering womb.
He produced aphonia in a pig by severing the recurrent nerves, elucidated the effects of spinal cord transection, and differentiated sensory and motor nerves.
An investigation into some personality characteristics of patients with psychogenic aphonia and dysphonia.
He was treated twice by another physician with calcium hydroxylapatite injection into the immobile vocal fold, but his aphonia persisted.