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the gradual disappearance of an initial (usually unstressed) vowel or syllable as in 'squire' for 'esquire'

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Bearing in mind the fact that twen(e) was an aphetic form of bitwen(e), one would expect twen(e) to be a stressed monosyllabic word meaning 'between'.
51) The aphetic form HT is noted under 'HT but has no separate entry; personal names beginning with HT are listed individually, however (200).
offers no obviously correct explanation under "size" but notes that in early use this could be an aphetic form of "assize," which affords the gloss "assessed," used here, however, in an unrecorded figurative sense.
2) The latter definitions should have caused the lexicographers to stop and consider whether more is not here, in fact, an aphetic form of the Old French and Middle English noun demote 'delay' (cf.
Outside the formula the aphetic form is exceedingly rare.
Hence, the etymology of the preposition twen(e) needs to be revised and the ME twen(e) should rather be defined as "an aphetic form of betwen(e) < OE betweonum".
The assumption of a- as a negative prefix, which is to contrast bandoun 'dominion, control' and abandoun 'abandonment; surrender' may be mere speculation, since bandoun can be interpreted as an aphetic variant of abandoun.