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Compound Words: A Challenge for Aphasiology," Brain and Language, No.
Jane Marshall, professor of aphasiology at City University London, said: Computer-based treatments have been shown to improve verbal language skills in previous studies, but this is the first time that gestures will be addressed.
The role of insula in language: an unsettled question Aphasiology, 13, 77-87.
Imaging studies of neuronal activity (electroencephalography [EEG]) and of brain metabolic activity (positron emission tomography [PET]), advances in aphasiology, as well as newly documented brain-lesion cases go considerable distance toward confirming the evolutionary antiquity of the processing faculties for nonlinguistic emotive expression and comprehension.
1987): Neurolinguistics and linguistic aphasiology.
A model for conducting clinical-outcome research: An adaptation of the standard protocol for use in aphasiology.
Methods such as aphasiology and neuroimaging are a bit like using bomb craters and blurred satellite photos to understand the long-distance telephone networks" (Pinker, 1999, p.