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someone affected by aphasia or inability to use or understand language

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unable to speak because of a brain lesion

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Action naming in anomic aphasic speakers: Effects of instrumentality and name-relation.
Social Validity of Changes in Informativeness and Efficiency of Aphasic Discourse Following Linguistic Specific Treatment (LST).
Topics covered include the psycholinguistics of reading and learning to read; using psycholinguistics in testing, teaching, and therapy; analyzing aphasic speech and communication: the psycholinguistics of adult acquired language disorders; and normal speech errors and how they happen.
During the weeks that followed his surgery, there was very little change in his condition--he was still aphasic, thought disordered and delusional, although his seizures were well controlled on anticonvulsant medication.
Ciaghi, Pancheri & Miceli (2010) analyzed the reading of 340 aphasic patients in order to know the incidence of deep dyslexia.
It is emphasised that stress shift is not categorical but variable in both normal and aphasic populations, and potential conditioning variables (speaking rate, stylistic variables and word frequency) are identified.
Many different methods have been attempted for aphasia rehabilitation, but the success depends on the correct analysis of the prognostic factors and consideration of the aphasic patient's family in addition to the patient (5).
Pack of Cards and the B-side Aphasic are available via the duo's Bandcamp page whatwecallprogress.
for the linguistic rehabilitation of aphasic stroke victims.
an aphasic enunciation of what appears without one's knowing where it came from (from what obscure debt or writing of the body), without one's knowing how it could be said except through the other's voice.
Goodwin, Charles (1995) "Co-constructing meaning in conversations with an aphasic man".