apetalous flower

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flower having no petals

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Genotypes with apetalous flowers have been most thoroughly investigated in B.
This mutant ap-Tengbe has completely apetalous flowers.
The apetalous character is only expressed completely if plants are homozygous for two recessive genes and if they have a cytoplasm supporting expression of apetalous flowers (Table 2).
According to our field observation, even with PDgr of 80 to 85%, some completely apetalous flowers occurred at times on an inflorescence; whereas with a PDgr of >90%, completely apetalous flowers were extremely rare.
The inheritance of apetalous flowers in ap-Tengbe resembles that of cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) in the way the cytoplasm interacts with nuclear genes in determining phenotypes (Yang and Fu, 1990; Stiewe and Robbelen, 1994; Delourme and Budar, 1999).
99 ([dagger]) ap = apetalous flowers (PDgr < 10); pp = partially apetalous (PDgr 10-90); np = normal petals (PDgr > 90).
Inheritance of apetalous flowers in a mutant of oilseed rape.