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(of flowers) having no petals

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The soybean apetalous mutant might have utility as a female parent in hybrid seed production for plant breeding studies.
Perhaps of greatest importance is that certain apetalous mutants in oilseed rape may avoid some diseases, especially stem rot [caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.
The apetalous male-sterile soybean mutant may avoid this disease because it lacks petals.
Effect of apetalous flowers on crop physiology in winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus).
The apetalous mutant ap-Tengbe was observed after several mutagenic seed treatments with EMS (Tengbe, 1990).
Plants with PDgr <10, 10 to 90, and >90 were classified into the groups of apetalous, partially apetalous, and normal-petaled genotypes, respectively.
11] were partially apetalous and the others had normal petals.
They occur in Hamamelidae as a whorl alternating with antesepalous stamens, suggesting their homology with petals and as "a transitional stage between apetalous and petalous flowers" (Grepet & Nixon, 1996: 37).
Flowers are occasionally secondarily apetalous but may occasionally become secondarily petaliferous.
The flowers of Scytopetalaceae are basically apetalous but have a showy corona (pseudocorolla) of staminodial origin (Appel, 1996).
The most notable differences are found in the perfect flowers and uniseriate homocellular rays composed of procumbent cells in Asteropeia versus the apetalous flowers and uniseriate homocellular rays composed of mostly upright or square cells in Physena.