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the act of mimicking

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i]) is also called the Apery set of S relative to E := {[a.
Last but not least, we already mentioned a vast literature of publications in number theory analysing the modular congruences of famous sequences (Pascal triangle, Fibonacci, Catalan, Motzkin, Apery numbers, [?
He exposes Apery and, in the climactic theatrical performance, throws it into confusion.
The passage in which Zagreus sees himself as a crowd of Apes is crucial to understanding his relations with his proteges and Pierpoint and also the phenomenon of Apery portrayed from the outside.
Apery speculates that the first half of this sphere eversion may serve as a mathematical model of the way an embryo, starting out as a ball of cells, can pull in part of its outer wall to form a cavity among its dividing, differentiating cells.
French mathematician Francois Apery, a student of topologist Bernard Morin at the University of Strasbourg, finally worked out the equations in 1984.
Apery, starting with the Roman surface, discovered that by smoothly altering the parameters governing the requisite motion of an ellipse, he could gradually transform the Roman surface into the Boy surface.