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not recurring at regular intervals

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Santoro (2000),"Convergence and Aperiodicity in Fuzzy Cellular Automata: Revisiting Rule 90," Physica D, V4, 150-158.
All patients had normal voice when using everyday speech, but speaking into the computer resulted in the rapid onset of aperiodicity, strain, and a decrease in fundamental frequency.
Quasiperiodicity is a form of aperiodicity that has many of the attributes of periodicity.
Because of the role of the amygdala and the insula in the regulation of heart synchronization, electrical disruptions in these regions by specifically timed electrical currents coupled to the normal feedback from the heart into the brain can produce cardiac aperiodicity and even death.
Looking at chaotic systems from a unique and creative perspective, Lorenz draws out the meaning of such characteristics of chaotic systems as sensitive dependence on initial conditions, strange attractors, aperiodicity and stability/instability.