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not recurring at regular intervals

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First, freshets introduce aperiodic, but severe, mortalities on the upestuary portion of the oyster's range (La Peyre et al.
2000) studied the eigenproblem and aperiodic vibrations of a parabolic girder with a variable cross section, produced by a load moving at a constant rate.
i]|}, and a power series is aperiodic if the Z-span of its monomial vectors is all of [Z.
Besides, it was necessary, that the UV has identical thrusters which are described by aperiodic links.
Aperiodic crystals; from modulated phases to quasicrystals.
Engineers can analyze transients, fly-back signals or other aperiodic high-voltage AC waveforms in both the time and frequency domains using the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment with the FlexDMM in isolated digitizer mode.
Topics include light emission in aperiodic Thue-Morse dielectrics, development of a SiGe quantum cascade laser, electric force microscopy of individually charged silicon nanoparticles, surface cusp formation in silicon homoepitaxy, and optical activation of nanowires using Er-doped sol-gel derived silica.
as well as some other minor aperiodic charges in Water & Paper Treatment and Textile Effects, linked to asset optimization programs, further affected their margins.
It is designed to delay multiple periodic or aperiodic signals independent of voltage and temperature and deliver optimal jitter performance over a wide frequency range with good linearity and resolution.
Using intracranial recordings of field potentials, the scientists demonstrated that the short periods of aperiodic, recurrent ripples are closely associated with reproducible cortical activations that occur concurrently with extensive activity suppression in other brain structures.
This paper presents a novel mixed-integer programming formulation for scheduling non-preemptive, aperiodic, hard real-time tasks with precedence constraints.
This can be attributed to formation of aperiodic interfaces, which contributes to the random scattering of light by the film, with increasing [[PHI].
Therefore, from among the existing methods of approximate description it is possible to select the operator of cutting in the form of an aperiodic component of the first or second order to perform as the dynamic characteristic of cutting (Eliasberg & Binder, 1989).
The trick is to arrange these building-block symbols into particular aperiodic sequences.