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someone who copies the words or behavior of another

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aper has been increased exponentially in most parts of Northeast Atlantic (Southwest Ireland Celtic Sea Biscay Bay) that represents the main existence region of species owing to climate change and/or variability of its distribution (Blanchard and Vandermeirsch 2005).
Aper reproaches Maternus he is too much dedicated to poetry in the detriment of oratory.
Therefore, to conclude, I want to glance once more at Tacitus's Dialogue of the Orators, where Marcus Aper resents the praise of the past.
The move to the market approach has been promoted by states' increased emphasis on higher education's accountability and productivity (Bogue & Aper 2000).
Compared with LOER, correct classification rates based on APER are inflated because of the optimistic bias associated with this estimate of error rate.
So I air of skys ys ys y crap ap aper wedge ge g s an a d have found myself shopping for flats - not a position I've been in much (probably why I'm in this predicament) - and I'm finding it very hard to get excited.
Like everything else my bills have been going up and up and when the latest increase on gas and electricity were about to kick in, I decided it was time to try and find a cheaper aper tariff," ," ffad adds ds Alan an who semi-r mi-retir etired ed and runs a bedr edroo oo manufac f turing business.
Adventures of Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens, "The Meeting of Mice" by Khnko Aper and "The Adventures of Gulliver" by Jonathan
When we get inside he tells the people what we want and lifts me up so I can watch them shovel the piles of golden chips onto p aper.
the the More than 21 stores in the a have agreed to specially mark chea area aper alcohol targeted by under-age drinkers, so that if found in the possession of young people, police and council workers can track any bottles and cans back to the source and take necessary action.
9A E Conduct of the following type falls within APER 4.
After violence at the Aper Aku Stadium, Lobi were ordered to play a handful of games behind closed doors.
I want to do it, and the club wants to do it, but as yet I have not put pen to aper.
Train aper, e as with all of "Roy was the joker the bunch, but didn't drink, didn't smoke, and could drive to Formula 1 standard.
of of of pap ap aper er er dur urin ing the operation.