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Synonyms for ape-man

hypothetical organism formerly thought to be intermediate between apes and human beings

a person assumed to have been raised by apes

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Thus at Sterkfontein, there existed two species of ape-man, Australopithecus africanus (for example, Mrs Ples) and Australopithecus prometheus, many specimens of which have been identified by Clarke from two deposits at Sterkfontein.
The Savage Lands is the third in the new series of Tarzan books and pits the ape-man against his English cousin, Lord Greystoke.
People who say they've spotted this massive ape-man say that he is over two meters tall and has red or black hair all over his body.
In the movie, the blood of the fossilized fish, called a coelacanth, causes a research professor to regress into a murderous, prehistoric ape-man.
Another rash of ape-man drawings appeared after the publication of The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex (February 24th, 1871).
Indeed, by the (perhaps intentionally) comic conclusion, the oilman has devolved into "2001's" ape-man, clubbing his rival's head in, although with a bowling pin rather than a bone.
With his straggly mop-top and hairy arms, Liam, looked a dead ringer for the original ape-man.
More danger awaits, and it's up to the loin-clothed Neanderthal ape-man to save the day.
DON'T know why BBC 2 wasted money using all that hi-tech malarkey to discover our links to the Ape-Man (Tuesday).
He plays the ape-man who is divine on the vine, but as thick as elephant hide.
The team, which includes Gen Suwa, associate professor at the University of Tokyo, had been looking for an ape-man species known to have inhabited southern Africa 2-3 million years ago -- the best candidate for an immediate human forebear.
Initially classified as Phithecanthropus, or ape-man, these Asian specimens and most ensuing hominid finds received a unique species designation from their discoverers.
The Ape-Man doesn't think so, and his instincts prove right as he faces murderous leopard men and their exotic priestess in "Tarzan and the Leopard Woman.