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huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur common in North America in the late Jurassic

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The University of Wyoming Geological Museum -- A 75-foot Apatosaurus skeleton, discovered in 1901 at Sheep Creek in Albany County, fills the exhibit hall at the University of Wyoming Geological Museum in Laramie.
The long-necked dinosaur deserves a genus distinct from that of Apatosaurus, European paleontologists report April 7 in PeerJ.
The largest sauropods frequently weighed more than 30 tons and included massive species such as Diplodocus and Apatosaurus.
It's proof that ancient history--really, really ancient history--is anything but boring, as the route leads you through one of the most fossil-rich regions in the world, former home to titans like Allosaurus and Apatosaurus.
Marsh described and named Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus, two genuses of sauropod dinosaurs.
I have swiped, tapped and maneuvered in iSpace while negotiating Egyptian sarcophagi, Matisse paintings and Apatosaurus bones.
There are other great museums and attractions to visit, the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History feature the world's most complete adult skeleton of an Apatosaurus (commonly called a Brontosaurus, incorrectly), the Carnegie Science Center, and Lawrenceville's 16:62 Design Zone, Pittsburgh's interior design district with art and performance galleries, just to name a few that I only got a peek of.
Distinguished by their colossal structure, sauropods included animals of diverse shape and ornamentation, such as the gigantic Apatosaurus, formerly known as Brontosaurus.
He even built an apatosaurus (for you dinosaur novices, that's a long-necked plant eater) out of Legos.
THE APATOSAURUS, a symbol of petroleum's origin as a fossil fuel, has been the trademark of the Sinclair Oil Corporation since 1930.
How did Apatosaurus protect itself from other dinosaurs?
Widely-cited estimates for the mass of apatosaurus louisae, one of the largest dinosaurs, may be double that of its actual mass, say the researchers.
Einstein is an Apatosaurus (also known as a Brontosaurus), a long necked vegetarian dinosaur who lived during the Jurassic Period, approximately 150 million years ago.
5 tonne Apatosaurus skeleton Eoe1/4C[pounds sterling] a unique exhibit and a definite first for any airport in the Middle East.
Others are scaled down, including the giant apatosaurus (once known as brontosaurus) that is presented at half its original 90-foot length and 40-foot height.