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a common complex mineral consisting of calcium fluoride phosphate or calcium chloride phosphate

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No formation of other crystalline phases beside apatite was observed, except for MgCa-HAp, where in addition to the apatite a brushite structure also appeared.
Sevtelecom will solicit the regional government in Murmansk for a quota on apatite concentrate, and the government will instruct the local apatite producer to make some of it available.
Synthetically produced hydroxy apatite has been considered as a bone graft substitute for many years.
4 Mt of waste for the production of 546,134 t of apatite concentrate, 97,852 t of agricultural lime and 4,763 t of phlogopite mica.
The minerals include K-feldspar (microcline), quartz, plagioclase, biotite, aegirine-augite, hornblende, riebeckite, titanite, epidote, apatite, zircon and magnetite.
These properties confirmed the samples were apatite (cf.
8] ions can occupy two crystallographic sites in the apatite structure: a 9-co-ordinated site A1 (4f) and a 7-coordinated site A2 (6h).
The dominating biogenic compounds are: (i) calcite as < 5 m[micro] micrite forming the groundmass mudstone, and both micrite of the matrix and > 5 m[micro] to 1 mm grains--skeletal particles (shells and their broken fragments) in wackestone, (ii) silica as < 5 m[micro] particles belonging to the groundmass of mudstone and wackestone matrix, (iii) organic matter (kerogen) in the mudstone and matrix of wackestone, (iv) phosphate skeletal fragments in certain interbeds of wackestone and very fine apatite in groundmass.
The test site is the Northern Hemisphere's largest source of apatite, which is ranked five of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.
The inorganic component comprises well-defined and tightly-packed nano apatite crystals of calcium and phosphate with small amounts of trace elements.
Carbonatites have gained considerable economic significance because of their newly recognized importance in producing large-scale sources of niobium, cerium, apatite, magnetite, barite, vermiculite, phosphorus, tantalum, uranium, thorium, copper, iron, titanium, vanadium, barium, fluorine, zirconium, and other rare or incompatible elements.
It discusses biological hard tissues in vertebrates, synthetic apatites, hard tissue-related biomimetism, and apatite-like biomimetic nanoceramics.
Once emptied of his lexicon the uplifted Vicuna of the genus Vicugna, given to wordiness, continues to explore large slanted hills with great apatite and gusto.