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a common complex mineral consisting of calcium fluoride phosphate or calcium chloride phosphate

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The mineral apatite is the most widely used method for estimating the amount of water in lunar rocks, but it cannot be trusted," explains Boyce, adjunct assistant professor in the College of Letters and Science.
While doing field research on accessory minerals such as apatite, sphene, amphibole and zircon, the presence of sphene and amphibole in Ghareh Gheshlagh granite was approved.
Their simulations revealed that the unusually hydrogen-rich apatite crystals observed in many lunar rock samples may not have formed within a water-rich environment, as was originally expected.
The key is that helium diffuses out of apatite crystals, and is permanently lost, when temperatures are hotter than about 50[degrees] Celsius.
The authors recommended an exploration program focusing on ground radiometry to detect other apatite-REE mineralization on the Property and to pursue re-sampling to other apatite bodies known in the area.
It indicates that the deposition rate of apatite has attained equilibrium.
67, which is the Ca:P ratio of apatite itself in which none of the phosphates are replaced with carbonates (Table 1).
Due to the disseminated nature of the apatite mineralisation, the entire length of each drill hole was sampled and analysed.
6,7) Unlike phosphate fertilizers, the apatite in fish bones does not run off the soil.
The hydrophilic nature of the nanosized coating facilitates the ion exchange behavior from the SBF solution, which favors effective apatite growth.
Mineralogical composition of the fines at Balaghat and Ukwa mines is similar in nature and consists of Hollandite, Braunite, Psilomelane, Hematite, Apatite and Quartz.
American geologists, who have been studying the rock, have found signatures of water molecules -- in the form of hydroxyl -- tucked away in a calcium phosphate mineral lattice called apatite.
In our study we looked at hydroxyl, a compound with an oxygen atom bound with hydrogen, and apatite, a water-bearing mineral in the assemblage of minerals we examined in two Apollo samples and a lunar meteorite.
Jadeite and Apatite help programmers find what they need among those existing APIs.