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One all movement, only living in society, like a fish in water; the other our Kostya, lively, alert, quick in everything, but as soon as he is in society, he either sinks into apathy, or struggles helplessly like a fish on land.
The criminal himself appeared to be in a state, in which the most sensitive and startling terror was singularly combined with total physical apathy.
Then she once more turned her anxious gaze upon the countenance of her husband, where she found all passion and care apparently buried in the coldest apathy.
LAHORE -- Amir Jamaat-e- Islami (JI) Seraj ul Haq has said government and administration are showing apathy towards flash flood affectees in different parts of the country.
Apathy from fans of a club the mentioning of whose name conjured up grainy images of shipyard workers, collierymen; proud men; of Beardsley, Gazza, Shearer.
In a keynote address to members of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales Dr Barry Morgan said the Church had a right to speak out on political issues and encouraged parishes to tackle voter apathy.
Yet his arrogance and apathy towards voters could be infectious.
THIS year, we are looking at one of the biggest falls in the numbers of registered voters, especially among the first timers, and opposition politicians are trying to put the blame on government policies and their newly introduced "individual" voting system -except what is really causing it is the continuing rise in voter apathy.
The Telegram & Gazette writes annually about voter apathy -- apathy because of the complacency of those who ignore us, because they keep getting re-elected.
There is so much voting apathy these days with the younger generation.
ISLAMABAD -- In older adults, apathy may be a sign of degenerative brain changes, according to a new study published in Neurology.
Mr Green's suggestion that such super-forces could come under the control of police and crime commissioners is unlikely to reassure people's fears, either, since there is at best apathy and at worst apathy towards these new posts.
For a week 1 was wrestling an organization filled with apathy and uncertainty, not to mention the language and cultural barriers.
Ignorance angers me, but I refuse to let it yield to apathy.
PUBLIC apathy threatens to turn the elections for 41 police and crime commissioners into an expensive farce.