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Slamming the government for behaving apathetically, BJP President Nitin Gadkari appealed to the Prime Minister, Dr.
Whereas secular students in prior generations may have apathetically drifted back to the family church or synagogue to get married, the solidification of secular identity among students makes other options, like ceremonies performed by humanist celebrants and chaplains, or even secular ceremonies conducted by civil officials, more likely to become the norm in the future.
This term signifies not only the material destruction, but the transformation of an urban mind-set into one, which no longer believes in the final victory, but waits more or less apathetically for the end of the war.
And, given that the patience of the Welsh football fan has worn apathetically thin while Toshack pushed through the youngsters at the expense of results, Speed clearly can't afford too many mistakes if the rot is to stop in time for the next campaign.
Pocketing this disgrace with indifference only shows how apathetically the ruling coalition is conducting itself; it seems only the PPP-led government to swallow such an obnoxious discredit, he added.
None of them would like a female from his own family to be thus shamefully and apathetically exposed in the name of justice and fair play.
The Mehlis interview was received apathetically in Beirut, especially from those who had a vested interest in ensuring that Brammertz had done his work well.
Aa If the UN fails to do so it will send an unambiguous message to Israel that its impunity remains intact and that the international community will stand by apathetically the next time it commits even more egregious crimes against the indigenous people of Palestine.
And then, apathetically, he plunged down, down, down--that is, inside himself--until he butted up against the soulless soles of his feet.
Planets took shape out of vast dust swirls and hung around in outer space for aeons like enormous, lethargic snooker balls until they were sucked, apathetically, into a ravenous black hole.
struck as he is by the elders' "parchment-like flesh on which the effaced and complete manuscripts of their life were written" as compared to the "crude, brand new and apathetically unconscious flesh of my schoolmates, who no longer even remembered that they too had already been old a while ago when they were embryos" (67).
By now they had passed, maybe he was smoking, I probably was, maybe he caught my adoring eye maybe he saw it was all too full of self-importance to see him, too busy with I-am-with-Shosty to actually be with him, there, on the grey street, a frail unhappy looking man between his two apathetically vigilant bodyguards and they too might like him have looked at me then looked away.
Yet, in May, Mr Cameron let his legal spokesman, shadow attorney-general Dominic Grieve, apathetically claim there was "no magic wand" and that low conviction rates were inevitable.
There were the scantily dressed Sky Sports dancers desperately leaping with their pom-poms on a chilly night while bemused fans poked fun at them, made crude chanted requests or just watched apathetically.