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the policy or practice of political, legal, economic, or social discrimination, as against the members of a minority group

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a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination against people who are not Whites

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com/p/BgMMN8YlX2N/) #Ireland : #Video :: Yesterday's mock Israeli Apartheid wall and checkpoints on Henry Street, one of Dublin's busiest shopping areas.
On 2nd February 1990, perhaps the most institutionalised version of racism ended: The Apartheid in South Africa.
It is a commonplace that, for all its ideological pretensions, apartheid was about the management of black urbanization in South Africa, through influx control for Africans and residential segregation for coloreds and Indians.
Making Freedom: Apartheid, Squatter Politics, and the Struggle for Home, an adaptation of her PhD dissertation, is a somewhat misleading title since Makhulu extends her discussion of housing politics in South Africa past the era of apartheid up to the present.
Under Israeli military occupation, millions of Palestinians live in conditions that reflect the apartheid system, which existed in South Africa, according to (http://www.
Following in the footsteps of the successful sporting boycott against apartheid South Africa in the 1980s, Israeli apartheid should similarly be boycotted and Israeli teams excluded from international sporting arenas like UEFA and FIFA.
The museum winds through more than thirty rooms, each telling a piece of the apartheid story and giving examples through video, photography, firsthand accounts, and artifacts.
If Paul Simon had wanted to promote African music in the 1980s, he could have made his tour and produced his albums in any of the 50+ states of Africa, and he chose to do so in the apartheid state.
Mrs Thatcher was staunchly opposed to forcing sanctions on South Africa, a position Sir Geoffrey also held, but he warned his prime minister that Britain's stance had led Commonwealth members to see it as defending apartheid.
In South Africa, the material conditions of apartheid were responsible for the existence of socioeconomic inequalities.
In April 1976, Israel received an usual state visit from the prime minister of South Africa, the leader of a country increasingly isolated and condemned internationally for decades because of its apartheid policies.
Race, Class and Power: Harold Wolpe and the Radical Critique of Apartheid
Apartheid Week (IAW) is an annual international series of events (including
The "One Word" campaign was launched on June 8 by Ads Against Apartheid (A), which is a local Boston-based non-profit group, and is scheduled to run throughout June.
Given that in South Africa, the apartheid regime banned anything that promoted political radicalism, especially Marxism, Fanonian ideas came to Biko and the emergent Black Consciousness movement as institutionalised among others in the South African Students Organisation (SASO) "through the writings of emergent American Black theologians, such as James Cone" (p 44).