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a violent fast dance in French vaudeville (an apache is a member of the French underworld)

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But by failing to excise tacit anti-fascist material from "Part II," he commits "suicide by cinema," collapsing during a premiere-party Apache dance even as Comrade Josef is waxing apoplectic in the screening room.
Although Verastique has only played one gay character --a fierce drag queen who performs an apache dance in Victor/Victoria--he feels that Broadway is becoming more progressive in its attitudes.
Among the dancers scheduled to perform is Alesander Little Bow, who demonstrates traditional Apache dance.
Indeed, he could create a universe of astounding rhythm and motion with no more than some sheets of torn newsprint for a partner (1950's "Summer Stock"), or turn a down-and-dirty Apache dance into rock 'em, sock 'em ballet (with Vera-Ellen, in the 1948 "Words and Music").
The gay club, Chez Lui, has a bohemian atmosphere, so I looked for dance styles like the apache dance in the second act.
She gives in to lulls and lyric idylls only to raise the sword once more--a dynamic we see endlessly in her duets, Apache dances in which couples exhaust themselves in domestic battle, only to recharge and baffle again.