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Synonyms for anxiously

with anxiety or apprehension

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Alec was basking in the warmth of the study fire, after his drive, when the sound of a stifled sob made him hurry to the door and look anxiously into the hall.
he added anxiously, as Aunt Plenty was seen to trot across the upper hall, shaking a bottle violently as she went.
said Alice, always ready to make herself useful, and looking anxiously about her.
She took his silence for hesitation, and continued a little anxiously.
On shore the messenger was eagerly and anxiously awaiting them, and with a "sare hert" he told the King that the fire was none of his.
While I scrubbed, my grandmother busied herself in the dining-room until I called anxiously, `Grandmother, I'm afraid the cakes are burning
I think I will have a flutter if you don't mind," said Philip anxiously.
she asked anxiously, before her resolution could cool.
But their steps were no sooner heard upon the road than the landlord, who had been at the outer door anxiously watching for their coming, rushed into the kitchen and took the cover off.
This was addressed to the dog with the cap on, who being a new member of the company, and not quite certain of his duty, kept his unobscured eye anxiously on his master, and was perpetually starting upon his hind legs when there was no occasion, and falling down again.
There was no leave-taking of Ginger; we neighed to each other as I was led off, and she trotted anxiously along by the hedge, calling to me as long as she could hear the sound of my feet.
Really," said the girl, anxiously, "I must get back as soon as poss'ble to my own folks.
Nicholas," she said, fixing her honest eyes upon him anxiously, "there has been such a disagreeable man here asking for you--it has made me quite uncomfortable.
Bulstrode, anxiously but for certain reasons she refrained from adding, "It was very disagreeable to hear him calling himself a friend of yours.
Pam and Les sit anxiously in court Meanwhile, it's the day of Paul's killers' hearing and Les insists to Pam that they go and confront them.