anxiety neurosis

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characterized by diffuse anxiety and often somatic manifestations of fear

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Beckett lists the symptoms of anxiety neurosis ("Air-hunger, larval attacks, palpitation, vertigo, sudden hunger, sweating, imperative desire to micturate & defaecate, feelings of suffocation.
Anxiety is not a prominent feature of neurasthenia (particularly anxiety symptoms related to feelings of unreality); if anxiety is prominent then a diagnosis of anxiety neurosis should be considered.
13) Kusama almost surely suffered from anxiety neurosis, and to calm herself down, on September 29, eleven days after Oldenburg's opening, she mentions in her diary (for the first time) that she took Doriden (a prescription "minor tranquilizer").
A retrospective analysis of 203 psychiatric outpatient folders conducted in Nigeria (published in 1978) revealed the most commonly recorded diagnoses to be anxiety neurosis, depressive neurosis and schizophrenia.
While anxiety neurosis manifests itself in fear, suspicion, insomnia to mention a few, psychosis is a grave mental illness that manifests as depressive disorders and schizophrenia.
Parker (1981) described people with anxiety neurosis as having global symptoms, such as fear, poor concentration, and irritability.