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Sometimes anxieties can become too much to manage and a doctor or counsellor may then help the patient with sorting them out.
To compare the anxieties of students in eight aspects: access to resources, access to services, information search process, mechanical equipments, use of library, library literacy, staff, and the library building.
However, a few researches conducted in this area have shown that there is a significant difference between males and females in their manifestation of fears and anxieties (Makinde, 2000).
My anxieties about math anxiety, Mathematics Teacher 77, 662-663.
MIAMI BEACH -- It is important for clinicians to be able to recognize the signs of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents and to distinguish them from the ordinary anxieties of growing up, Dr.
We suppose that these physical and symptomatic anxieties are perceived by society as a less desirable and more severe expression of anxiety and therefore may be less likely to be reported by male competitors.
It's the fact that you can't predict it that differentiates panic attacks from stage fright or other anxieties.
Anxiety analysis takes the general form of seeking to identify an underlying social anxiety or a combination of anxieties which can explain why some specific social response or social action occurred when and where it did.
Although regular, meditative rest may serve an important function in stress reduction, the role of exercise in relieving everyday anxieties should not be underestimated.
To help diagnose this condition, Thundershirt(TM), a leading manufacturer of anxiety-reducing dog products, announces results from its first study, "The Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Survey" focused on the different types and pervasiveness of dog anxieties.
It would be interesting to compare how college students cope in other technologically advanced small language communities, with the problems and anxieties that Israeli students face.
Survey statements that addressed the anxieties of mathematics included the following: a) When I am in math class, I usually feel relaxed and at ease; b) Taking math tests scare me; c) I dreaded going to math class this year; and d) I had to do a lot of memorizing in math class.
If anxieties do not subside after the threat is lifted there may be cause for concern.
Students who are unable to talk about their anxieties often can identify with characters in books strongly enough to experience the catharsis and acquire some important insights (Halsted, 1994).
Language anxiety: its relationship to other anxieties and to processing in native and second languages.