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Synonyms for antsy

nervous and unable to relax

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New Delhi [India], Aug 19 ( ANI ): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday said that separatist Mirwaiz Umar Farooq is getting antsy because of the crackdown on the flow of funds.
99, JML With the long car journeys this summer, we'd love something that will make sitting in traffic on the M8 with antsy kids in the back more bearable.
The good news -- Greece may get a bailout and it made stock buyers less antsy, and broadcasters capitalized with modest gains.
ARROWORD Canned fish Vehicle's opening top Natural source of metals Male cat Sign of future events Stardom 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Bit missing __ Stone, actress Make happy Fitting, suitable Make happen, bring about ACROSS 1 MUTILATE 5 STEY 9 HERDS 10 MERE LAD 11 LOOT 12 SCANTIER 14 PARTLY 15 HURLED 18 ACTUATOR 20 NEVE 23 TERRAIN 24 CARES 25 DEER 26 ETERNITY DOWN 1 SETUP 2 LIMO RUT 3 DAME 4 CAPOTE 6 TITAR 7 RED NOSE 8 OUTSIDE 13 CARTING 14 PRATTLE 16 GRIEVED 17 PARTON 19 RATED 21 ANTSY 22 AIRS Ladder rung Jousting weapon Outing 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 West Indian spirit Butterfly trap Drivers' short cut (3,3) That bloke's Benefit, service 25 26 Curtain-track cover LETTERBOX KRISS KROSS Can you fit the listed words back into the grid?
In Neal Shusterman's (books and awards too numerous to list) third Antsy Bonano novel, Brooklynites Antsy, his friend Howie, his parents, and his sister Christina join ornery, crotchety, filthy rich "Old Man Crawley," his granddaughter Lexie (Antsy's ex) and her guide dog Moxie on a Caribbean cruise aboard Plethora of the Deep.
As the school year winds down, I search for ways to use up opened materials and odd-shaped left over paper--and ways to keep my antsy ready-for-summer students engaged
The book set for a film adaptation will be hitting the theatres by summer of 2014 which has got a lot of fans antsy for the movie.
Another finding was that arguments in the car otherwise often stemmed from actions within the vehicle, including children getting antsy or poor navigational skills.
Apparently the man behind the camera, Hugo Burnand, didn't notice the toy, which Prince Harry had given the child when she got antsy during the carriage ride after the April 29 ceremony.
on May 1, Richard Schaefer was getting a little antsy because Mayweather had not yet signed.
Raw, tasteless food made people more edgy and generally antsy while a portion of kheer just made everyone nicer.
The Margolies-Mezvinksys of today are getting increasingly antsy with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi--leaders well to the left of the nation's center of gravity.
Treasuries rose on Tuesday despite a stock market rebound as weak readings on consumer confidence and Midwest manufacturing kept investors antsy about the U.
Anthony's nickname of Antsy suits him well: he's impulsive, talkative, and full of ideas and schemes.
I just saw `Juno,' and I absolutely love the music and immediately went out and got the soundtrack and the songs that you, Antsy Pants, and the Moldy Peaches sang were absolutely amazing