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Synonyms for antsy

nervous and unable to relax

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Apparently the man behind the camera, Hugo Burnand, didn't notice the toy, which Prince Harry had given the child when she got antsy during the carriage ride after the April 29 ceremony.
on May 1, Richard Schaefer was getting a little antsy because Mayweather had not yet signed.
Raw, tasteless food made people more edgy and generally antsy while a portion of kheer just made everyone nicer.
Treasuries rose on Tuesday despite a stock market rebound as weak readings on consumer confidence and Midwest manufacturing kept investors antsy about the U.
The Margolies-Mezvinksys of today are getting increasingly antsy with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi--leaders well to the left of the nation's center of gravity.
Anthony's nickname of Antsy suits him well: he's impulsive, talkative, and full of ideas and schemes.
I just saw `Juno,' and I absolutely love the music and immediately went out and got the soundtrack and the songs that you, Antsy Pants, and the Moldy Peaches sang were absolutely amazing
Boxed in by antsy investors and worrisome economic indicators, the Federal Reserve had little choice but to lower interest rates Tuesday, for the first time in more than four years.
I get antsy, if we are not moving and just sitting on the runway for a prolonged period of time, I get really antsy," he said.
At this point the rest of the crew was getting antsy to shoot some street photos.
That kind of disparity has both parties antsy should a settlement go by the wayside and arguments of valuation go before a jury.
Maybe chairs do make students antsy, but that's just how school is.
Antsy investors will begin to reallocate capital in the early part of 2008.
Who hasn't witnessed this scene a million times: A frustrated room pushing an empty stroller with one arm while trying to balance an antsy toddler in the other?
But when it was revealed that Krystal Planet was having problems obtaining permits for the proposed turbines, customers began to get antsy, placing calls to regulators.