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a natural cavity or hollow in a bone

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Other case reports have documented CT findings such as foreshortening and narrowing of the gastric antrum, converging or telescoping of mucosal folds in the antrum or duodenum, prepyloric outpouchings, widening of the pylorus and duodenum, or an intragastric filling defect (4, 10).
Endoscopy shows longitudinal mucosal folds with ectatic vessels converging from the proximal antrum into the pylorus.
As special attention is paid to atretic follicle formation pathways, this study also undertaken to develop a new approach in characterizing atrectic follicles with a focus on granulosa cell dissociation (GCD), early antrum formation, and GC luteinization and floatation in the antrum which resemble macrophages.
Four more folds are made near the antrum, which is at the lower portion of the stomach.
Expansion and thinning of the medial wall of the maxillary antrum was also noted.
They found that low-frequency waves of 33 Hz reduces the antrum production, granulosa cell proliferation defects, reducing the production of 17 - beta estradiol and disability of oocyte in completing nuclear maturation [23,24].
In FD, Iberogast has a multi-targeted effect on the stomach which normalises dysfunctional gastrooesophageal motility by toning the lower oesophageal sphincter, inducing fundus relaxation and promoting the required level of antrum musculature tone and contractility.
Once the activity is over, the worm bows down and appears to suck the ejaculate of its antrum.
James Richard Antrum, 25, of The Walk, Roath, Cardiff, was fined pounds 50 for using threatening words and behaviour.
1) Myxomas can be identified in various anatomic locations and the currently recognized subtypes are restricted to the skin, soft tissues, bone, juxta-articular space, sinonasal cavity, maxillary antrum, and in organs or viscera.
Exogenous biliverdin, 500 nM each, was dissolved in 1X PBS and slowly and gently injected into the shell gland antrum of five laying Pekin ducks at 12-14 h post oviposition.
Endoscopic examinations demonstrated minimal erythema or subepithelial hemorrhage in the antrum in 20 of 20 patients, and the pathologic examination showed mild, nonspecific, chronic inflammatory changes in 20 of 20 biopsies.
Kalvaitis and his associates performed DE MRI exams on 62 patients with atrial fibrillation scheduled to undergo pulmonary vein antrum isolation and atrial septum de-bulking.
Biopsy specimens were taken from the antrum in 89 (99%) persons and from the corpus in 1 person.