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bent or curved forward or upward

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Teeth in about 5 rows; 7-8 plus one emerging tooth along middle, 29 along posterior margin; compressed, along margins and anteriorly slender, unicuspid; mediad and caudad slightly coarser and longer, bicuspid, with strong posterior, antrorse cusp and minor anterior blunt cusp subdistally.
2 mm thick near the base, green throughout before anthesis and rose at base at anthesis, opaque, abaxially densely and coarsely white-lepidote with trichomes slightly obscuring leaf color, adaxially subdensely to sparsely and inconspicuously white-lepidote, margins densely to sparsely spinulose, spines subtriangular-uncinate, antrorse, yellowish, 0.
5-5 cm in diameter (including floral bracts), floral bracts narrowly ovate, apex acuminate, distinctly canaliculate, navicular, ecarinate, strongly recurved, exceeding the sepals, yellowish-green to orange (when fully exposed), thin in texture, inconspicuously and sparsely white-lepidote near the base to glabrous, glabrous toward the apex, nerved abaxially, 25-35 x 11-15 mm, densely spinose, spines narrowly triangular, the basal ones retrorse the median to apical ones antrorse, uncinate, greenish except for the pale castaneous apex, 0.
Leaf blades ligulate, acute to acuminate, apiculate, 3-6 cm wide, serrate with dark straight to antrorse 2-4 mm long spines, the leaf margins variably punctate-lepidote, grey-green to reddish.
Leaves erect, curved at apex, acute to somewhat apiculated, lustrous green above, somewhat dull below, 6070 cm long, 6,4-7 cm wide, leaf sheath 11,5-12 cm long, glabrous, margins with dark antrorse, straight or retrorse thorns to 5 mm long, leaf apex with a reflexed mucro.
5 mm long, 8-25 mm apart, acicular, spreading to slightly antrorse, yellowish-castaneous toward the apex.
5 cm long, abaxially completely covered by a coarse layer of white trichomes, adaxially sparsely and inconspicuously white lepidote except for the densely white lepidote apex, coarsely spinulose, spines sub-triangular, uncinate, blackish, 3-5 mm long, 8-20 mm apart, the basal ones prevailing antrorse, the upper ones prevailing retrorse.