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of words: having opposite meanings


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N+N [right arrow] N compounding with antonymous words jer + sub: In the Dictionary of the Old Turkic Language, the meaning of the compound word is given as 'land' or'continent'.
1991) "Co-occurrences of antonymous adjectives and their contexts"; Computational Linguistics 17, 1-19
By way of these multiple verbal reversals (enhanced in the first case by editing), Cohen helps to position himself as a figure of antonymous claims.
Though SEPA has become more antonymous, violators of environment laws do not fear their violations may result in severe punishments.
However the two notions are normally somewhat antonymous.
There are dearly other ways of vindicating ones dignity; (44) if we take seriously the stories of the martyrs, some vindications of dignity may appear antonymous to flight.
This linking of all sorts of "professional" differences with human biology no doubt has a neutralizing effect on the disadvantage of the most dominated, as their differing journalistic interests, ideals and work can always be dismissed as immature, or in the case of women, as an expression of naturalness, both antonymous to the lay ideas of professionalism, which is always "cooked" (cf.
Once set free from the antonymous structure of the law of male and female, homo and hetero, or kinship and politics, we find ourselves in a kind of trouble, adrift in the domain of contingency and performance where the idea of a viable life is predicated not on the stable ground of a shared humanity that must be both recognized and defended by law, but rather on something far more precarious.
Depending on the context from which cultural values are produced, one often falls into the trap of binary oppositions, a Western way of thinking where heuristic devices such as openness and closure are opposing categories that exclude each other, as anarchy and dictatorship are antonymous and conflicting terms.
While on the surface "concentration" and "distraction" seem antonymous, the relationship between those words is actually more nuanced.
November 13, 2010 (JUBA) - The antonymous region of southern Sudan has accused the national army of abducting civilians attempting to return to the region ahead of January's independence referendum.
With absence one can look at not only the antonymous notion of separation but also at this idea of immensity.
Mansha Butt added that Murray College Sialkot would be given antonymous body status, adding that step was being taken keeping in view the importance and alma mater of Allama Iqbal while board of governors had already been constituted.
The Kims' oppositional nationalist NIC is at the core of the regime's traditional official ideology of Juche (ch'uche), which has been loosely translated as "self-reliance" or "Korea first" and is antonymous with sadaejuui, meaning serving or relying upon a foreign power.
Dawn and evening are parallel and antonymous (marking the opposite ends of a day), but also supplement each other (adding up into a full day).