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1) Doubtless, it would have taken time for our widely held notion of the meaning of individualism as wholly antonymic to "indivisible" to gain widespread purchase: so are we right to bring this nascent sense of the term to bear in our considerations of preeminent texts of the period?
On the one hand, Cohen's performance within the footage being viewed already contributes to the construction of this antonymic image.
yir) for a blind person (dma); "the father of he'll-live" (Abu Yahya) for "the angel of death" (malak al-mawt); (120) "perfumer" ((agar) for "garbage collector" (kanntis); (121) "one-eyed" (a'war) for "raven" (ghurab, a sharp-sighted and inauspicious bird whose harm is feared); "his locks of hair are dragged along" (dhawa'ibuhu tanjarr) for a bald man (aqra') is a popular antonymic euphemism (Ii-l-'amma kinnayat ma'kusa) said -in amusement"; (122) "sharpness of intellect" (*Ida) for "ignorance" is an antonymic (or near-antonymic) euphemism used by religious scholars ('ulama').
Thus the gestures in this sequence contribute to the overall coherence of the discourse by emphasizing the antonymic relationship between the two ideas.
The current consensus indicates that research attempting to further explicate the nature of male body image ought to take into account both antonymic facets of male body image; the drive for muscularity and the drive for thinness (Bergeron & Tylka, 2007).
Some contrasts may be linked with the antonymic logic of the being of the created.
The group of lexical-syntactic transformations includes transposition, antonymic translation, periphrasis, sense development and compensation.
Adversative coordination allows the expression of some kind of contrast, whether it is the denial of an expectation, the correction of an error, or an antonymic or oppositional relationship.
Rhyming "fame" with the antonymic "shame" on her debut's title track, she concedes: "I can't help myself/I'm addicted to a life of material.
By "antonymizing" I mean the term in the broader rather than stricter sense: it includes not only antonymic pairs like "buy" and "sell" but any situation which is the opposite or at least quite different from what one might expect.
Furthermore, whether time-delimited or on-going, local governance underlies two theoretically antonymic, yet empirically hybrid, dynamics.
While avant-garde, rather than its English derivative 'vanguard', is a terra that has been used in English since at least the beginning of the last century to qualify the newest or most experimental ideas and techniques in the arts, the antonymic arriere-garde, or rearguard, has never been adopted figuratively in the same way.
Given the proximity of "rutted" to "it opened" and the landed nature of the asking price, "rutted" yields a noun: "rut," as a synonym for that which opened, prompted by the antonymic presence of "to plough," crosses the female genitalia with a cut in the earth.
It naturally stands in antonymic relation to Kurzweil, an outdated word for amusement, for whatever makes time seem to pass more quickly.