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To find higher-order contronyms all that is required is a dictionary or thesaurus which lists synonyms and antonyms, plus the patience to follow the synonymic paths.
Digital defines the channel used to deliver the campaign in; the antonym of digital is analog.
Now I offer further examples and also extend the concept to include pairs of words in which the antonyms are split, appearing in 2 places in each of the two words, the other letters always remaining the same.
Sometimes the same antonym pair can be used in two different contexts, e.
Latterly, I began musing as to which word(s) would beat CALM in the antonym stakes in CDSA, but I was too tense to pursue this line of inquiry.
The students pass their cards around to a known song like Rig-A-Jig-Jig that I have adapted to suit the context of synonym and antonym use.
DOWN: 1 Bread 2 Antonym 3 Sari 4 Instil 6 Obese 7 Haywire 8 Serrate 13 Orchard 14 Sisters 16 On leave 17 Irises 19 Emily 21 Glove 22 Rapt
The Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms contains Latin America s local terms and other words labeled in accordance with their regional usage.
Collins Thesaurus contains over 280,000 synonyms and antonyms (type "happy" to find delighted, content, thrilled etc.
95 plus p&p COLLINS THESAURUS contains 280,000 synonyms and antonyms (type "happy" to delighted, content, etc.
It also highlights the word on the screen as it reads and has a built-in complete thesaurus for finding synonyms and antonyms and their corresponding definitions.
The relationships between using a computer for homework and for the Internet and students' performance on standardized tests on synonyms and antonyms, comprehension of passages, calculation, applied problems, science, and social studies were investigated using multiple regression analyses, with other variables held constant, including gender, severity of vision loss, household income, multiple disability stares, and race or ethnicity.
Translation" is included in Antonyms & Others (2012); his Poems
Although each entry contains slightly different information - occasionally there is a "rhymes with" section or basic etymology - it does explain what it means, have examples on how to use the words and suggests synonyms, as well as antonyms.
With a database of more than 1,000,000 words and 90,000 synonyms and antonyms, you no longer have to scramble for the dictionary.