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Further investigations are thus required to understand more of the molecular interactions between SP-2a and the viral particles before SP-2a can be further developed as a novel antiviral agent, especially against ACV-resistant viruses.
The aim of this study was to investigate whether a panel of currently available antiviral agents exhibit in vitro anti-SARS-CoV activity.
Chimerix's second clinical-stage antiviral compound, CMX157, is a Lipid-Antiviral-Conjugate that delivers high intracellular levels of the active antiviral agent tenofovir-diphosphate.
HCV - Current HCV treatment, a combination of interferon and an antiviral agent, is lengthy, expensive, and effective in only 50% of patients because of poor compliance.
CMX001 is an oral Lipid-Antiviral-Conjugate (LAC) that delivers high intracellular levels of the active antiviral agent cidofovir-diphosphate.
The great promise of interferon as an antiviral agent was evident from the moment of its discovery," said Pestka.
SB 9200 is an oral antiviral agent that uniquely acts by modulating the host immune response to viral infections through activation of host antiviral sensor proteins, RIG-I and NOD2.
SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of antiviral approaches is presented against the background of concept of an ideal antiviral agent.
recently filed an application for approval of the antiviral agent Famvir, which was developed in Japan jointly with Maruho Co.
Washington, Sept 20 (ANI): Scientists have found that a compound initially isolated from sharks could be used as a unique broad-spectrum human antiviral agent against human viruses ranging from dengue and yellow fever to hepatitis B, C, and D.
Transferring technology for vaccine and antiviral agent production to a small number of developing countries will proceed slowly and will inevitably fail to meet the needs of neighboring countries not favored by these programs (12).
How do I know when a patient receiving an oral antiviral agent has developed resistance and what do I do when this happens?
University of Virginia Patent Foundation (Charlottesville, VA) has patented a therapeutic method for treating biological diseases that includes the administration of an effective amount of a suitable antibiotic agent, antifungal agent or antiviral agent in conjunction with an A2A adenosine receptor agonist.
Currently, there is no specific antiviral agent directed against HCV that is commercially available, and no vaccine for prevention of HCV infection.
Peramivir is part of a new class of antiviral agents that inhibit influenza viral neuraminidase, an enzyme essential for the influenza virus to spread and infect its hosts.