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an antitoxin that counteracts the effects of venom from the bite of a snake or insect or other animal


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If antivenin therapy is required, this is best done by a doctor in a hospital, because the serum may be equine in nature and other problems like anaphylaxis may present themselves.
12) Stonefish antivenin is rarely indicated for lionfish envenomations unless symptoms are non-responsive to hot water immersions and adjunctive treatments with analgesics and regional anesthetic blocks (4, 9,12)
The term antivenin, which is derived from the French venin, meaning poison, has been in use since 1895.
He is quickly taken to the house of a local doctor who offers to sell him the doctor's only portion of mamba antivenin for the market price.
A bite from a Cobra can kill a full grown human in less than thirty (30) minutes without antivenin treatment.
Sympathetic nervous system activation, antivenin administration and cardiovascular manifestation of scorpion envenomation.
2] (equine), crotalidae polyvalent immune Fab (ovine) (North American rattlesnake), and North American coral snake antivenin (equine).
Their venom is very potent and is very harmful to humans, but in Bahrain we don't stock the antivenin for them as they are not meant to even be in the Gulf," Health Ministry Environmental Health Section chief Abdulaziz Alkhedri told the GDN.
One is almost certainly toast if bitten by an adult king cobra in a setting where there is no immediate access to antivenin.
I saw countless people brought in dying from a cobra or insect bite and were saved by the antivenin we produced.
Early treatments, availability of antivenin, and the construction and maintenance of secondary roads increasing the access to rural areas are also important factors that help explain the low mortality rates of snakebite victims in the municipalities investigated.
While the poison needs to be eliminated with an antivenin, Hakan states that such an "anti-venom" does not exist.
Veterinary care was quickly obtained, but unfortunately there was no antivenin locally available with which to treat the dog.