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Antonyms for antitype

a person or thing represented or foreshadowed by a type or symbol

an opposite or contrasting type

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41) This overlaps with type 3 of Ormerod's antitypes ("Anti-types" 339).
Given the two dialectics at the two levels, there are four distinctive antitypes or patterns of breakdown in the sociocultural context of any community.
Now if the antitypes represent a breakdown in the integral dialectics of the scale of values, if such breakdown represents a movement away from the ideal path of progress and into the path of decline, then they are a manifestation of social and cultural evil, which Lonergan refers to as the social surd.
Again, these two distortions are mutually reinforcing, though the outcomes will be very different from those of the classic conservative antitype.
Being the type of both Moses and Jesus, he is one corner of a peculiar triangle, while the other two also form a pair, Moses being simultaneously an antitype of Adam and a type of Jesus.
Introduction to Configural Frequency Analysis: The Search for Types and Antitypes in Cross-Classifications.
Here I develop the thesis that Syriac sacramental theology combines an entitative view of typology with the biblical idea of mystery, that type and symbol are embodiments of the divine presence in Creation, and that the sacraments are understood as antitypes of the salvific actions of Christ extending the work of divinization through time.
Just as Christ and the events in his life are the antitypes of the types of the past, so Christ's salvific actions are in turn types of the sacraments that extend the work of divinization through time.
For the Syriac writers the Cross, while being the climax of redemption, represents the antitype of the Edenic "tree of life.
4)) Typology is a figure that unites time, harmonizes it, and gathers it together: "the type exists in the past and the antitype in the present, or the type exists in the present and the antitype in the future.
When this happens, the present magically becomes the antitype or repetition of previous history but with the added luminosity of truth revealed, and fulfilled: the code cracked.
The writing is lively, literate, and full of interesting tidbits about the lives of each person he caricatures as leader or antitype.
The sense of deja vu here acts as a bridge between the two antithetical "temples" the narrator is describing, comparable to the basic resemblance between type and antitype in the system of biblical typology.
Within the creative vision of the novel, Adam Bede serves as an antitype of the "First Adam," father of the human race, while Dinah Morris is depicted as a New Eve, that is to say, as an antitype of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
On one level, Dinah serves as an antitype of Eve, especially in her relationship to Adam Bede.