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Antonyms for antitype

a person or thing represented or foreshadowed by a type or symbol

an opposite or contrasting type

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As an antitype of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Dinah becomes for the people around her a vehicle of the divine presence.
Suffering Servant, and Jonah as typological prefigurations of Jesus as antitype, see pp.
And, she notes, because typological interpretation rests on "the idea that the original story is history (not just a narratorial representation of it) and that its antitype is part of that original historical event, revealed over human time but present to the type in its human incarnation" (110), typological interpretation--with its "expanded sense of the real"--brings with it a strong bias toward looking at things as events and a strong bias away from looking at things as imaginative representations of abstractions (allegory).
Only after the type has been realized in its New Testament antitype does Pandulpho formally convert from his stoicism to Antonio's passion and quest for revenge.
As an emblem of the strong man overthrown it offered an antitype to pictures of the lion-killer, and as an ironically matched pair the two images would tell a good deal of Samson's story.
Furthermore, the incarnation (that is, the totality of the Messiah's life) is the thematic centre of book xii, and it is antitype and type at the same time.
40) For example, the type of Isaac's near death at the hand of his father foreshadows Christ's death and resurrection, the antitype.
Andrew Murphy offers a short and straightforward survey of the scholarly terrain, focusing primarily on Ireland, while Philip Schwyzer draws a parallel between English writers of the sixteenth century, who attributed ideas and stories to Welsh writers that served English ideological purposes, and modern scholars, whose interest in early modern Wales is normally limited to its usefulness as an antitype for Ireland.
16) As hero of the opening sequence, Apollo can be seen as a precursor and antitype to the hero of the Grail quest with which the romance closes.
Dewey Dell is in this sense the antitype of Addie's type.
It is a type insofar as its meaning is understood not in terms of some particular other, but in terms of its otherness, its demand that there be an antitype.
Clearly, to imagine women as progressing from type to antitype with each woman in this "golden Chaine" embodying increasing perfection is to dignify the sex's spiritual capacity; to imagine their transcendence in their apocalyptic justification at the end of time is to refute some early modern misogynist assumptions about women's comparative moral and spiritual weakness.
While acknowledging his freaky genius it demonised him as an antitype by which to define itself.
The writing is lively, literate, and full of interesting tidbits about the lives of each person he caricatures as leader or antitype.
28) Dianora is the antitype of all the wives in the Decameron who rebel against their husbands (Dec.