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law intended to promote free competition in the market place by outlawing monopolies

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The Guidance includes a Q&A section that explains how antitrust law applies to various scenarios that HR professionals might encounter in their day-to-day work.
Gavil, a former director of the FTCs Office of Policy Planning, has been a Professor of Law at the Howard University School of Law since 1989, where he teaches courses on antitrust law, federal regulation, civil procedure, and complex litigation.
In the United States, which is commonly understood to be the leading bastion of free-market capitalism and one of the first countries to enact an antitrust law, the role of antitrust legislation in preserving the capitalist character of its economic system is underscored by the near-constitutional status accorded to its antitrust statues by the U.
One of the goals of this Symposium is to continue to push for reevaluation of antitrust law and policy, particularly in the area of agriculture.
Under the old Antitrust Law, there were three agencies responsible for the antitrust enforcement in Brazil:
Trinko and Its Siblings Redefine Antitrust Law and Regulation as Substitutes 1.
However, as the case developed and the league was in convincing the federal trial and appellate courts that it was a single entity, the stakes of the game morphed into a debate over whether the NFL and other professional sports leagues could gain an advance in virtually all areas of business by freeing itself from antitrust law by convincing the High Court that sports leagues operated as a single entity.
National Football League, (276) the Second Circuit reversed a district court decision that found the NFL's three-year eligibility rule in violation of federal antitrust laws.
The American Bar Association's Section of Antitrust Law has endorsed ending the special antitrust exemptions for the nation's major freight railroads.
Judge Bork's influence on the understanding of antitrust law will be sustained at Yale Law School for many generations into the future.
Juris Publishing (Huntington, NY) has published "International Antitrust Law & Policy: Fordham Competition Law 2006," an annual compilation of analysis of US/EC competition law with coverage of the range of issues related to international antitrust law.
One section of the Arkansas Antitrust Law of 1905 restricted insurance companies from doing business in Arkansas by penalty of a fine or forfeiture, if they were members of associations accused of fixing rates within the United States.
Mealey said the title is designed to help legal counsel stay current with the latest developments in antitrust law and avoid breaking antitrust rules and regulations and the associated court costs and punitive consequences.
Specifically, we assessed existing insurance practices that might violate federal antitrust law absent the McCarran exemption and identified current state authorities related to antitrust laws applicable to insurance.