antitrust case

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a legal action brought against parties who are charged with limiting free competition in the market place

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In short, a defendant who wins an antitrust case will at least be able to require that the plaintiff pay the defendant's costs.
Microsoft also announced that it is generally willing to provide even broader usage rights for the company's protocol technology than is required by the final judgment in the antitrust case or is reflected in standard MCPP license agreements.
Settlement talks in 1998 failed to stop the launch of the landmark antitrust case against the software giant.
A federal judge has thrown out a patent claim against Intel Corp by Intergraph Corp - part of its larger antitrust case against the chipmaker - regarding disputed Clipper microprocessor patents.
A recent jury verdict in an antitrust case involving Marshfield Clinic highlights the potential antitrust risks faced by integrated delivery systems with large market shares.
According to the New York Times (May 4, 1992), K-C agreed to drop the antitrust case against P&G that had been scheduled to go to court last month.
He also defended the Wrigley Field Rooftops in the misappropriation case brought by the Chicago Cubs, and has prosecuted and defended major antitrust cases, including winning a directed verdict for Forest Laboratories in the Brand Name Prescription Drug Antitrust case.
The fall issue includes a story on an antitrust case in England, an examination of Europe's Court of First Instance, and a look at the ongoing developments in the fight against human trafficking.
David Boies, who ran the Justice Department's Microsoft antitrust case, now tracks down license violations for a Unix vendor.
John Heilemann The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth: The Untold Story of the Microsoft Antitrust Case Wired, November 2000
antitrust case and instructed that the matter be heard by the U.
Department of Justice in its antitrust case against Microsoft.
The Microsoft antitrust case is historic in proportion," McKenzie says.
Microsoft is also using NERA studies in its defense against the Department of Justice's antitrust case, in which NERA's Richard Schmalensee was Microsoft's chief economic witness.