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an antibody that can neutralize a specific toxin

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4) On the other hand, early diagnosis, pentavalent botulinum antitoxin treatment (A-E), and intensive care have reduced the mortality rate from 60% to below 10%.
Liy-Wong and her associates said that "no statistically significant difference in outcomes was found in patients treated with specific antitoxin medication (clindamycin)," a practice that requires further study.
Neutralization potency of DAT obtained from human plasma should be assigned according to the Vero cell cytotoxicity assay and the guinea pig lethality model; the 1st International Standard for Diphtheria Antitoxin Human should be used as the reference antitoxin (National Institute for Biological Standards and Control code 10/262).
Catalase_test ; Gelatin liquefaction test; indole test;nitrate reduction test ;Sugar_fermentation_test; hydrogen Sulphide production test (Oxoid) and litmus milk_medium [13]: Nagler's test by half antitoxin plate [35]: Typing of Clostridium perfringens toxins dermonecrotic test in albino guinea pigs Toxin antitoxin neutralization test [35]: Determination of the MLD of the prepared toxin [15]: Antibiogram sensitivity test (Oxiod): Pathological, gross and histopathological examination
They said both had been treated with an antitoxin said to be "very effective" in the early stages of the infection.
Scientists determined the structures of a toxin and its antitoxin in Streptococcus pyogenes, common bacteria that cause infections ranging from strep throat to life-threatening conditions like rheumatic fever.
Referring to his visit to the section of venomous snakes in the institute, President Mutharika said poisonous snakes and scorpions are a real threat in Malawi for people, so we intend to use Iran experiences in production of antitoxin to defend our nation.
Samantha received the scratch test for allergy to botulism toxin at 22:15 as ordered by the CDC and received the botulism antitoxin at 23:10, which was approximately 7 hours after admission.
Of particular interest was improving sewage treatment and water supplies, preventing tuberculosis through stronger milk regulations, improving provincial health legislation, taking public health directly to the public with innovative exhibits, and supporting efforts to provide essential biological products, such as smallpox vaccine and diphtheria antitoxin, as a public service.
A fourth independent predictor--the serum level of antitoxin A IgG--appeared to reduce the accuracy of the rule.
The botulinum toxin is used at the Cummings School to develop antitoxin treatments under a food and waterborne diseases contract with the National Institutes of Health.
Ehrlich was then in charge of developing a precise method to measure the neutralizing power of each antitoxin related to the standard and then he monitored the power of the antitoxin produced by experimental animals after by after injection of the toxin or toxoid (5,6).
A baby with botulism has become the first person in the UK to be treated with the human-derived botulinum antitoxin (Baby BIG).
A relentless antitoxin in the operating system of the art world, he does what he can to resist the principles of the marketplace and its eternal quest for increased value, to oppose the co-opting force of elitism, and to rehabilitate the ordinary and the quotidian.
She plucks the tiny tick off the fallen mother bat and then injects her with an antitoxin to counteract the tick's poison.