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Synonyms for antithesis

Synonyms for antithesis

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exact opposite

the juxtaposition of contrasting words or ideas to give a feeling of balance

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This is revolutionary stuff, the antitheses of our cynical age addicted to ease and comfort.
Marinism marinismo also called secentismoA florid, bombastic literary style fashionable in 17th-century Italy marked by extravagant metaphors, far-fetched conceits, hyperbole, fantastic wordplay, original myths, and forced antitheses.
3] Fu Yuhua, Quad general theses, general antitheses, universal relations, general syntheses in development --Expansion of Hegelian triad thesis, antithesis, synthesis, Matter Regularity, No.
Karlsson does draw the interesting conclusion that Marguerite's antitheses usually offer a c learly positive and negative pole, so that her work is in that sense less balanced or open-ended than some scholars have suggested.
One part of the exhibition was hung on an edition of vivid green wallpaper, If there's a heaven above (ceiling of men's room, Rooster Fish, Venice, CA, 2000), 2001, printed from photos of the cut-and-paste collages that line the bathroom in one of Venice's few gay bars: clippings from porn and exercise magazines, the somatotypical antitheses of the skinny boys in Sameshima's framed photographs.